Voltage Coffee & Art

I will be participating in an Exhibition at Voltage Coffee & Art. The exhibition, Bring Back the Shot, opens on November 2nd and runs through December 12th. Below is a bit more information from Voltage...


We are so thrilled to present to you our upcoming November exhibit. Please join us at Voltage on Friday, November 2nd and become familiar with some bad ass photographers roaming around your city.

John Savoia 
Nora Vrublevska
Heather McGrath
Jae Ruberto
Beth Hankes
Remi Thorton
Alex Jacobson
Vanessa Marcoux

Inspired by interviews, studio visits and mullings-over with these artists, "Bring Back the Shot" sets up the scenario whereas the viewer can put themselves behind the camera in these artists' shoes and mindsets. Their styles and subject matter vary as much as their equipment but they all set out to do the same thing, to bring back the shot. 

Opening reception
"Bring Back the Shot"

Friday, November 2, 2012
7-10 pm

Free (gratis)

Work is available for purchase unless otherwise noted.

Wine, Beer and Appetizers will be served. Artists in attendance.
Show runs from October 29 - December 12, 2012.