Boston Globe Review of Jesus Coming Soon

By Cate McQuaid, February 5th, 2014
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"Remi Thornton’s companion show at Kayafas, “Jesus Coming Soon,” has nothing in common with Hargadon’s exhibit save the title, which in Thornton’s case comes from a neon sign in one of his sumptuous color photographs taken at night.

Shot in the dark with a long exposure, hues and glimmers invisible to the naked eye soak into the image. In “Green Corner,” a parking lot wall is moodily luminous, and in “Car Wash,” darkness surrounds the gleaming white interior, filled with red rubber drapes and blue brushes. My favorite piece, “Canadian Farmstand,” has a similar formal clarity, but where the tones in “Car Wash” pop, the warm tones here beckon: A golden shack glows beneath a generous roof with lolling lights at its eaves, and an empty shelf tilts toward us, welcoming."