When Darkness Falls

Elin Spring, on her blog, What Will You Remember, featured the JCC Ranch exhibition in North Allston. Below is the text, but you can find her original post here. Thanks Elin!

Remi Thornton’s photographs accentuate both the serene stillness and anxious apprehension we sense in empty, dark places. By utilizing available light in extended exposures during the deep of night, he captures what the eye cannot see moment to moment, creating off-kilter images that are eerily alluring.

Like many kids, Thornton attended sleep-away camp.  His was isolated on 400 acres in the Black Forest of Colorado and Remi’s childhood insomnia familiarized him with the mysterious and strange night landscape there. After 25 years away, he revisited the property last fall and created a new project, “JCC Ranch”, which glows with signature magnetic appeal.

Miller Yezerski Gallery and Harvard University are sponsoring an off-site exhibition of Thornton’s work at 267 Western Avenue in North Allston, opening this Friday, March 18, 2016, with a free, public reception from 6:30 – 9:00pm.  The show is brief, running through April 3, 2016.