Getty Status Update: Still Uncool

Well, it's been 9 months (edited November 7th) since my post about my experience with Getty went viral (thanks to A Photo Editor, PetaPixel and Pro Photo Daily) and I have not received a response from Getty or Cafe Press about the article which explains why I chose to cancel my Getty contract.


In the meantime, it's been 8 months (edited November 7th) since my "poster" was ordered from Cafe Press, and yet, there is no record of the sale in my Getty statement to date. In fact, the only reason I know the poster was sold at all was because someone close to me purchased the print to see what would happen. While I am sure the amount due is marginal (the royalty I am owed is unknown since I don't know the terms between Getty and Cafe Press), it is strange to not receive payment or acknowledgement of the sale after such a long period. 

When I inquired with Getty Images last month about when the royalty payment would appear, I got the following response..."CP (Cafe Press) reports sales on a quarterly basis, we then process those sales into our systems and then they are reported on your statement for Getty Images. Q1 should hit statements in June..." 

Are you sure about that Getty? Let's not ignore the fact that I also just learned in this statement that I am subject to Cafe Press's payment terms. Awesome. 

Regardless of the amount, I'm pretty sure I'm entitled to my royalty. 

Stay tuned...