Jesus Coming Soon

I'm pleased to announce an exhibition at Gallery Kayafas called Jesus Coming Soon. It will be on view from January 24 – March 1, 2014. Hope you can stop by!
In conjunction with an exhibition by artist and friend, Geoff Hargadon.

Gallery Kayafas
450 Harrison Avenue #37
Boston, MA 02118
Phone: 617-482-0411

The title photograph from Jesus Coming Soon sums up the entire body of work. Every image in the series conveys a sense of anticipation: something doesn’t seem right; something’s about to happen. Together, we're on the cusp of witnessing an event, which could be odd, frightening or even supernatural. I hope that the structures and shadows in these depopulated scenes inspire the viewer's imagination. It’s what’s lurking in the darkness and in the corners that give these images their mysterious power. The next, missing frame becomes as relevant as the photograph itself, and it’s up to you to complete the story.

All of the works in a Jesus Coming Soon were shot using “natural” street lighting. As with my other works, I didn’t stage these scenes. I am less concerned with constructing a mood and more interested in capturing it accurately. For me, a successful image conveys the same uneasiness that I felt while taking the photograph, standing alone in the dark, wondering what would happen next.